Builderall Mobile App

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How to Download the Builderall Mobile App

Scan the QR code with your camera or special QR app on your mobile device and follow the instructions below


  1. Scan QR Code with Cell Phone Camera or special QR app
  2. Click on the link that is displayed.
  3. Top Right – Chrome – Click on 3 Dots
  4. Select Install App. After install – It will read “Added to Home Screen”
  5. If it does not ADD to Home Screen, go into your apps library (From the home screen, you can get there by swiping “UP”)
  6. Locate the “Buliderall App”. -Press and hold down on the app. 
  7. Select Add to Home from the pop-up menu. 


  1. Scan QR Code
  2. You should see a Pop-up prompt
  3. “Install this WebApp on your iPhone’s home screen. Just Tap Box with the Arrow Up Icon and select ADD TO HOME SCREEN. 
  4. New Window with Builderall App is displayed – Select ADD from top RIGHT