Getting Started with the Instagram Autoresponder

Engage your Instagram followers on your social media posts.
Instagram Autoresponder is an automation tool to engage your Instagram followers on your social media posts. Don’t leave your followers waiting for a reply from you ever again.

General Overview: Instagram Autoresponder

Instagram Autoresponder

Go to dashboard and under Others click “Instagram Autoresponder”.

Click on “Continue with Facebook”.

Follow the instructions to connect Facebook.

Add your Instagram Account.

The connected account will be highlighted.

Click on “Comments” on the left hand side.

Choose your options:

  • Contains: The comment has to contain the phrase as specified.
  • Not Contain: If the comment does not contain the certain phrase.
  • Identical: The comment must be identical to the certain phrase.

Click on the little circle to enable (blue) if you want the comment to be case sensitive. Disable (grey) if you want to ignore it.

  • Type in your replacement phrases. 
  • Remember to use the following sign between phrases:  | and the { } brackets in the reply text.

  • You can create multiple conditions. Just save data and click “Add Condition”.
  • To delete the condition, just click on “Delete condition”
  • Remember to “Save data”after changes.

Next one. “Click on Mentions”. 

  • Type your replacement phrases.
  • You can choose between “Reply for mention in comment or mention in a caption on a media object”.
  • Activate your option by using the slider to blue.
  • Click “Save data”