Getting Started with the Social Proof Popup

Display your conversions for all of your website visitors to see.
Builderall’s Social Proof tool helps website owners increase their conversion rates, highlight offers, display recent purchases, and track customers on your website.

How to Use the Builderall Social Proof Tool

  1. Access the app “Social Proof”. Click “New Campaign”;

2. It will open this window. Insert a campaign name and an action label. It could be a catch phrase;

3. In this section, you will need to select how you are going to collect data. Choose one option from here;

4. URL to navigate, you can insert a link to a promotional page, another website, etc. In Translation section, you have these options to choose;

5. Popup timing you can define how long it will be displayed, just set the time for display interval and duration. Popup appearance you can choose from Default or Dark. It will depend on the background you set in your website;

6. Here you can upload an image. You can also select to show location and display on mobile;

7. Position the pop up where you would like to show on screen. Choose from these options. After you finish this part, just hit “Save”;

8. The campaign will be shown in the dashboard. If you click on these 3 dots, you will be able to check some information;

9. The first information is to edit your campaign. The second one is the “Embed Code”. Click here to copy the code to paste into your script page;

10. The part here, you will be able to check all the clicks, divided by those topics (today, yesterday, last 7 days, last month and total);

11. The people who click on the popup will be shown here, by their names;

12. Here you create Ghost users, just set a name, country, city, a time and add record;

13. After you finish inserting the info, you will be able to see them here;

14. Now, go back to your Cheetah Builder;

15. Go to the left menu and click on “Scrip Settings”

16. Paste the script code here;

17. Go back to the left menu. Go down till reach “Social Proof”;

18. This window will appear. Select the campaign and the pages;

19. Now, just hit “Save”, and your Social Proof campaign is already set to your website. It will be shown like this;