How configure Multi-Level student access in eLearning

In this tutorial you will learn how to configure Multi-Level student access in your eLearning Course for certain lessons.


Step 1:

  • Scroll to “Registration & Protection”
  1. Choose either “Registration required to view content or “Some lessons require registration”

Step 2:

  • Choose Multi-level student access
  1. Click “Enabled”
  2. Click “Add new access level”

Step 3:

  • Payment with Super Checkout
  1. Add a name for Access Level
  2. Add a description for Access Level
  3. Get Super Checkout link (see Step 5)
  4. Enable if you want to give this level to new registered students
  5. Click on “Create”

Step 4:

  1. Click on “Save”

Step 5:

See Step 3: (Super Checkout)

  1. Go to Supercheckout Product and click on “Links”

Step 6:

See Step 3: (Super Checkout)

  1. Copy the “Checkout URL” and paste it in Step 3

Step 7:

  • Go to Modules and Lessons
  1. Go to the lesson you want to enable for multi-level access and click on the pencil to edit

Step 8:

  1. Go to “Drip & Access”

Step 9:

  • Scroll to Access Level
  1. Choose the level required for access
  2. Click “Save Changes”

Step 10:

  1. Click “Save”