How to add Social Proof to eLearning

In this tutorial you will learn how to add Social Proof to your eLearning as evidence that other people have found your eLearning of value.


Step 1:

  • Scroll to “Registration & Protection”
  1. Click on “Registration”

Step 2:

  1. Under “Integration Settings”
    • Make sure not to switch the slider to blue because Social Proof only works if a person can register for the course with a standard registration form and Super checkout
  2. Under “Social Proof settings”
    • If you already created a Social Proof Campaign you will be able to choose it from the dropdown arrow.
    • If you do not have a Social Proof Campaign yet, you can create one in the eLearning. Just click “Add new Social Proof Campaign”

Step 3:

In this example, we will pretend not to have a Social Campaign yet.

  1. Click on “Add new Social Proof Campaign”
  2. Give the campaign a name and click “OK”

Step 4:

  1. A list of pages will open. Choose on which pages you want to show the Social Proof

Step 5:

  1. Click on “Save”

Step 6:

Note that you will still need to go to the Social Proof App to configure the Campaign Options.

Click on the three dots then click on “Edit Campaign options”

Step 7:

Complete all the steps and click “Save”