How to configure a Hotmart integration in eLearning

In this tutorial you will learn how to configure a Hotmart (Payment) integration with Builderall in your eLearning Course.

  • Create eLearning

Step 1:

  • Scroll to “Integrations (beta)”
  1. Click on “Add new integration”

Step 2:

  1. Under main settings add the chosen Integration name
  2. In the dropdown, choose Hotmart
  3. In the dropdown, choose Standard student registration

Step 3:

  1. Create a title for the subject line of the email. You can also use the tags specified
  2. Change the confirmation email to suit your style
  3. If you want the passwords to be created automatically, change to enable. If student choose password then leave it unchanged
  4. Click on “save”

Step 4:

  1. Take note of the Webhook version as well as the events selection
  2. Click to copy the link to be used in Step 9.

Step 5:

  • Create a Hotmart Account and complete the profile then click on “Dashboard” then in the dropdown “Products” choose “Register Product”
  • Complete all the sections that pertains to your course and save

Step 6:

  • Click on “Market”

Step 7:

  • Click on “Tools”

Step 8:

  • Scroll till you see “Webhook (API and notification)”
  • Click

Step 9:

  1. Give it a name and choose your product you have created from the “Dropdown Arrow”
  2. Paste the URL in Step 4
  3. Make sure to choose in the “Dropdown Arrow” version
  4. Select in the “Dropdown Arrow” All the events
  5. Click “Save”

You are done! Congrats!