How to create Certificates in eLearning

In this tutorial you will learn how to create Certificates for your students in eLearning


Step 1:

  • Scroll to “Final Test & Certificate”
  • Click on the 3rd tab “Certificate Settings”
  • To edit the theme, click on “Choose another Certificate theme” (See Step 3)

Step 2:

  1. Enable if you want to release the certificate automatically to the student when they pass the final test
  2. Enable if you want the certificate send to the students’ email address
  3. Edit the certificate email
  4. Change the title of the subject of the certificate email
  5. Change the body content. You can make use of variety of tags

Step 3:

  1. Click on any of the “Certificate Themes” if you want to use just a different color
  2. Click on “Add Custom Theme” if you want to change the certificate completely

Step 4:

  • Give the Theme a name
  • Choose the “Orientation” of the certificate
  • Choose the “background color” of the certificate

Step 5:

  1. Change the “background image”
  2. Choose from the dropdown the type of background fit
  3. Change the size/scale of the certificate
  4. Choose all the tags that needs to be added to the certificate. You can arrange them on the page
  5. Click “Add Theme”

Step 6:

  1. Click “Save”