Animated Header

  1. Go to the left side menu and click on “Headers”;

2. A page will open where you have to set up the headers. Click “Create New Header”.

3. Insert a name to your header here. you need to create two of them;

4. They will appear like this. Click on the pencil to configure the header;

5. On the right side menu, click “Dashboard” and then “Header”;

6. Choose the header you like. Configure it, and click on “Save”;

7. Repeat this same process for the second header configuration. Choose a different one from the first. After setting up both headers, go to “My Pages”. Click on the three dots and then on settings;

8. Scroll down the page until you reach “Header Settings”. Enable the “Modify on Scroll” option and select the headers you have created. Don’t forget to save;

9. The page will appear with the first header and going down the page, the header will change to the second one;