Undelete button Cheetah Builder

This new functionality of the “undelete” button, will work as follows. For all elements that are deleted by mistake, it will be possible to restore them, but only the ones that were deleted. If you move something, or wrongly size an image, this button will not work to restore it to what it was before.

If you delete a form that is already set up, a panel that is all set up, you can use the “undelete” button to restore your work and not have to create and configure it again.

Let’s check how it works.

  1. Open a website page in your Cheetah editor. Here we have a text, an image and a timer. If I delete all elements, an “Undelete” button will appear at the very top of the page;

2. Here, all the elements were deleted. Notice that the “Undelete” button has appeared. The deleted elements, or panels, will be restored in this order, the last element deleted will be the first element to be restored;

3. In this example, the timer was the last element to be deleted, and was the first element to be restored. Notice that I had three elements in this page, but I restored just 2 of them so far. The “undelete” button will stand there till the last element is restaored;

4. Now, all the elements were restored, and as you can see, the “Undelete” button has disappeared;