Commission Withdrawals

In this guide, you will find detailed instructions and step-by-step instructions for withdrawing your winnings as a member in a practical and safe way. Learn about the options available, the requirements needed to make a withdrawal and all the important information so you can make the most of your commissions as a Builderal member.

How to track your earnings?

Track your earnings as a member in the ” Associates ” section of the navigation bar in your dashboard: In this section, you will have access to detailed information about your conversions converted into commissions.

Understand account balances?

How long does my commission stay in waiting status? After a commission is generated, it is initially placed in the waiting status for internal checks, remaining suspended for 35 days, after the indicated period, the commission moves to the available status. 

Available: Commissions released for withdrawal after verifications;  

Requested: Commissions that have already been requested for withdrawals but have not yet been paid by the platform; 

After requesting the withdrawal, how long will my commissions be paid? After a member requests their available commission, it is necessary to wait for the Builderall commission payments sending date, sending occurs once a week, every Wednesday (until 11:59 pm EDT).

Paid:  Commissions already paid to the member according to withdrawal requests. 

Commission Withdrawal

Withdrawals of available commissions will be made in different ways depending on the chosen currency (USD, EUR or BRL). The minimum commission value with the status of available to request withdrawals in the respective currency is $100.00

On the left hand menu on your Associate Dashboard, click on “Get Paid”.

Scroll to “Get Paid”. It is important to first open an EWallet Account by watching the following videos at the top of the page:

Once you have an active EWallet, scroll down and click on “Withdrawal Request”.

The pop-up opened after selecting the button will indicate and request the following information: 

• Currency: in the ” request withdrawal ” area it is possible to select only one currency at a time.

• Amount: it is not possible to select a certain amount for the withdrawal, the currently available commission amount will be added to the withdrawal; 

Please note: Associate commissions in euros or dollars are paid by Builderall through the external platform eWallet, also known as iPayout. It is important to highlight that iPayout is not owned by Builderall or directly associated with Builderall, for this reason, if any questions arise about configurations or technical problems related to eWallet, we suggest contacting iPayout support directly, as it is outside the Builderall jurisdictions. For more information, contact eWallet : Click here! 

Jacky De Klerk – Success Coach