Getting Started as a Builderall Associate

How to Become a Builderall Associate

To become a Builderall Associate is free.

You will have three ways to join:

  1. Join Builderall’s Associate program through
  2. Purchase a Builderall Subscription plan.
  3. Sign up through one of our Associates.

What are the terms of the Associate Program

1: To join the Builderall Leveraged Associate Program, you don’t need to pay any fee or purchase any product. 

2: Associates do not earn commissions for referring other associates.

3: Commissions are only generated when one of the Builderall plans is sold to a customer, and every associate earns recurring commissions from their direct sales.

4: This is a 2-tier commission system. Associates can earn commissions from Builderall plans sold by any associate they’ve directly referred to the associate program.

5: No associate can promote Builderall by making earnings or income claims. It is acceptable to explain that Builderall has an associate program, but the associate is prohibited from stating or implying that another user or associate will earn a certain amount of money by using or promoting our platform. If an associate shares proof of their own earnings, whether from using the platform or from promoting our products, they must use an earnings disclosure created by Builderall. The disclosure must not be buried in a disclosure link at the bottom of the page. The disclosure must be located in close proximity to whatever image, text, or video displays their earnings or the earnings of others. The disclosure to be used is as follows:

As with any business – your results may vary and will be based on your individual capacity, business experience, expertise, and level of desire. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. There is no guarantee that you will make any income at all and you accept the risk that the earnings and income statements differ by individual. Each individual’s success depends on their background, dedication, desire, and motivation.

6: The commission on any monthly recurring plan for the user’s first month (and commissions for affiliates who have not been paid at least $250.00) will be on hold for 35 days before becoming available for withdrawal. Once an associate has been paid at least $250.00, the recurring commissions will be available after a 5-day hold.

How do I access my affiliate links?

In the top of the navigation of your dashboard, click on “Affiliates”.

At the top of the Associate Dashboard, you will see various links:

  1. This link is your private associate link to allow people to be an associate in the 2-tier program, without a paid package plan.
  2. It is recommended to connect your own domain to your affiliate link, especially if you are going to advertise on Social Media. This domain name will be seen in the funnels that is available to you. *See screenshot below.
  3. This is your associate link id that will be seen in all links.
  4. You will be issued with 5 invites for private associates. You can request more.

Associate link connected to your domain.

How do I scale my business?

What is Our Business Potential?

Accessing Builderall Resources for Promotions

Reviewing Leads and Active Members and How to send them Messages


  1. On your dashboard, click on “Affiliates”.


  1. Scroll and click on “Leads”.


You can filter your leads by Status:

  • Inactive – When a lead is no longer active or did not upgrade.
  • Active – A paid account member.
  • Test – A lead that is still in their trial period.
  • Free- A lead with a free account.
You can also:
  • Save email list
  • Download CSV
  • Download XLS


  1. Your lead’s Affiliate ID.
  2. Affiliate Name and Email.
  3. Affiliate Sign-up date.
  4. Where your Affiliate came from
  5. Type: Is the lead a Customer or Affiliate
  6. Parameters: For tracking purposes
  7. The Status of the lead: Active, Free, Test
  8. Plan the lead signed up for.


You can set up parameters for your leads, tracking them by adding tags. Adding tags can be added in the Funnel club Tab under Tracking Tags.

Adding Leads Automatically to MailingBoss

Creating Your Own Email Sequence

Staying Tapped in to Trainings and Meetings

Builderall Business App for Affiliates