How to Create a Webinar Funnel

The webinar funnel is designed to use an online webinar to educate your potential customer about your product, service, or company and build your brand. You can present a new product, highlight an existing product, or present information about your company that can create interest in your brand, and can build relationships with new leads.

Webinars are presented in video format, making the presentation feel personal to the people watching who are considering purchasing your product or service. They offer what feels like a one-on-one experience with every person engaged allowing you to build relationships and create loyal customers.

The funnel is designed to attract potential customers to participate in the webinar. The funnel functions in capturing emails for your subscriber list, giving the visitor the information about the webinar event, and allowing the webinar attendee to purchase your product or service.

Learn how to build a webinar funnel in Cheetah.