Super Checkout One Click Upsell in Cheetah

Important: The one-click upsell is a sales strategy, where you offer a second product tied to the main product. When the customer clicks “buy” the Upsell product, he literally buys the product, meaning that the money will already be debited from his account. At this stage he will not fill in any personal information, because this action has already been taken when he clicked to buy the main product.

  1. Create your pages in Cheetah Builder. For this example, fours pages were created: Home, Upsell, No Thank You and Thank You;

2. Go to Supercheckout feature, on the left menu;

3. Now you are in the Supercheckout Dashboard. If it is your first time using the Supercheckout for this website, you need to fill business info.

4. Go to “Products”;

5. Create 2 products. Main product and Upsell product;

6. “Pricing” – Choose STRIPE as payment Gateway. Only STRIPE gives you the option to use Upsell;

Follow the information given to get the Publishable Key and Secret Key;

Enable “ASK TO SAVE CARD WHEN PAYING“, otherwise the Upsell button will not work;

Click “OK” to save;

7. “Design” section;

  • Main product: In “Design” section, set the pages as follows;
  • Upsell product: In “Design” section, set the pages as follows;

8. Set up all product steps until you accept the terms and conditions. There, your products are created and will be shown under “Products”.

9. Now we have to use the Upsell links. To do that, we have to click on “Links”;

10. A panel links window will appear. Copy “One-click Upsell URL”;

11. Go to Home page, where you are selling your main product. Click on “Buy button” and “Set link”;

12. This “Set link” window will appear. Choose “Web”, paste the Upsell link, click on “Open in a New Tab” option, and Save;

13. Go back to Supercheckout – Products. – My products. Choose Upsell product, and click on “Links”;

14. A panel links is now showing. Copy “One-click Upsell URL”;

15. Back to Cheetah, more specifically to Upsell page, where you suggest selling the product;

16. Click on the button that will sell the product. Then, click “Set link”;

17. A “Set link” window will pop up. Choose “Web” to paste the Upsell URL. Select the option to “open in a New Tab”, and “Save”;

18. In this example, I made this sentence: “Not now. I want just the first course.” You have to give your customer an option in case he does not want to buy the Upsell product;

  • To insert a link to this sentence, click on it, and hit this “T” letter;

19. This window configuration will open. Select the sentence, and click on this option;

  • Keep in mind that at this point, your “No Thank You” and “Thank You” pages will have to be set up with the course download buttons. “No Thank You” page with the first product download button. “Thank You” page with first and second download buttons.

20. A “Set link” window will appear. Select “Web” to paste the “No Thank You” page URL, mark this option to “Open in a New tab”, and “Save”;

  • To get the “No Thank You” page URL, follow this steps;

21. After the purchases are completed, the Thank You pages would be shown like this. “No Thank You“;

  • Here the customer refused to buy Upsell product;

22. “Thank You” ;

  • Here the customer was interested in Upsell product and bought both.