How to add fields in the supercheckout form

We will demonstrate how you can set up your checkout, changing the color and editing text and sizes. Many users confuse this configuration with form fields configuration. Shall we go?

  1. In the Supercheckout, under “Products”, click on “Edit” the product;

2. Go to “Design”;

3. Choose the checkout type and click the “pencil” to set it up;

4. This page will appear with the fields to be configured;

5. Field “Product” ;

6. Field “Field Style”;

7. Field “Steps/Price/Button”;

8. After setting it to your liking, click “Save”;

9. This will be the checkout layout after it is set up;

10. To insert form fields to your checkout, we will have to configure the fields in a list, in Mailing Boss. To do this, go to Mailing Boss. Choose a list and click “Update”. If you want, you can create a new list;

11. This page will open, click on “Fields”;

12. Several field options will be shown and you can use them in your list;

13. Assemble your form fields and then “Save”;

14. After the list is saved, we will go back to Supercheckout. Go to the product that you have configured the checkout layout for, and then to “E-Mail Campaign”;

15. This page will be shown. Click here to choose a list;

16. Choose the list you configured in Mailing Boss;

17. Update and Finish this configuration;

18. Go to “My Products” and click on “Links”;

19. A “Panel Links” will appear. Copy the link “Checkout URL”;

20. Go to the Cheetah Builder. Open the page where the checkout will be positioned and click “Elements”;

21. Go to “Iframe”. Drag and drag into your page;

22. This “iframe” box will open. Click on it and then click on “General Settings”;

23. Paste the copied link into “Embed URL”;

24. Now just adjust the checkout on your page. When you go to step 2 of the checkout, it will look like this;

25. And this is how you will insert more form fields to your checkout.