Sales Funnel Challenge

Step 1: Creating a Blueprint for an Upsell Downsell Funnel

Step 2: Creating Pages for Upsell Downsell Funnel

Step 3: Creating and Connecting our Email List

Step 4: Creating Membership Areas

Step 5: Creating Products in Super Checkout

Step 6: Connecting and Testing Our Funnel

Step 7: Staying Booked with Paid Clients

Step 8: Lead Magnet Page

Step 9: Designing Email Confirmation Page

Step 10: Designing our Front-end Offer Sales Page

Step 11: Designing our Upsell Page

Step 12: Designing our Downsell Page

Step 13: Designing our Thank You Page

Step 14: Designing our Restricted Area Pages

Step 15: Testing our Funnel

Step 16: Creating an Email Sequence