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In this tutorial we are looking at the Whatsapp Launch Manager. With this tool you will be able to create a series of messages to go out before a product launch or create a helpdesk inside Whatsapp for your company.

Connecting Whatsapp Launch Manager

  • To get started, ensure that you have deleted any previous connections on your phone.
  • Follow the instructions below to get your number validated.

After successfull validation, you will see this screen where you will click on “Access Whatsapp Launch Manager.”

Refresh your screen and you will not the status as “Connected.”

Here you will have 4 choices:

  • The green dot shows that the number is connected.
  • The refresh button can be used to re-connect a device that was previously disconnected.
  • The mobile icon is used to send a test message to the Whatsapp Number.
  • The mobile icon with the cross is used to disconnect the number.
  • The trash can can be used to remove the connection completely.


After you have verified that the number is active. Click on “Attendance” on the left hand side menu.

At the right hand site, click on the configuration button.

Here you need to set up the text the attendant settings.

Note: If the Auto Attendance is set on “Active” it means that the customer can choose which department they want to talk to.

When you have successfully set up your Helpdesk you can click on the Whatsapp Button. You will then have the option to copy the link that you will share with your clients.

If you click on the first icon, it will show you how many operators are currently active.

Setting up departments and operators

Scroll further down and click on “Departments.”

Here you can create multiple departments such as Sales, Finance etc.

In this example, we are connecting “Sales” and we choose a status Active to ensure it is available.

Clicking on the plus will give you the option to add more departments.

Here you can add all the operators that will be part of your Helpdesk. You can have multiple operators.

When successfully added, you will be able to see if an operator is active by looking at the icon blinking.

Clicking on the first link is the operator link you will give to the operator in question. That servers as their login.

A two-factor authentication number will be send to their Whatsapp Number to confirm the verification process.

After validation, they will have access to the Whatsapp Launch Manager as the image below.

Click on the first icon will show the operators.

You will be able to see which operator is online or offline.

You will also be able to disable audio and new message alerts under the configuration settings.

The contact icon is where you will see everyone that is connected to your Whatsapp helpdesk.

YYou will also have the option to upload your own contact list or click on the plus sign and add them individually.

Upload Option

First you will need to download the template and make sure that your contacts are added in the exact same method.

After saving the document in the same format, you can upload by clicking on the upload arrow.

The next icon is to start a conversation with contacts on your list.

First, you will choose the contacts you want to send a message to.

If you want to be able to use the same type of message each time. Make sure to click on “Register Replay”. You can create multiple saved messages that you can choose from the dropdown box.

Here you will find all the finished conversations.

Creating Campaigns

A Campaign is a set of messages that will be send out to your subscribers.

  • Start by clicking on “Create Campaign.|

Give it a name and choose the number you will use for this campaign.

You can upload and image. Give the Group a name and add additional administrators from your contact list on your phone contacts. Also give it a description.

Next step you will choose your Group Settings.

You will also have the option to add a Facebook Pixel Event.

Creating the Campaign

Click on “Create a New Message.”

  • Type in your first message name.
  • Choose the date and time for message to be send.
  • Create the message. You can use text, images, video, audio and music.

You can add multiple messages in sequence with different time and dates.

Once you have set it up successfully, you can click on the “invite link” to share with customers.

As more leads join your campaign, you will see their information under the Leads Area, where you can also export them.

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