How to buy a domain from Builderall

Buying your domain from Builderall will benefit you because you will not need to change namerservers on other platforms for the domain to work. All of the connecting is done inside of Builderall.

There are two places you can buy your domain in the platform.


  1. On the main dashboard under Domain and Email Manager, just click on “Buy Domain”.


At the top of your dashboard under the profile click on “DNS”

After you have clicked on either of the options, it will take you to the Domain and Email Manager.

  1. Click on “Buy a Domain”.

  1. Click on “Buy Domain”.
  2. Type your preferred domain name.
  3. Click on “Check Availability”. If the domain is not available, it will give you a list of other possible domain extentions. You can either choose one from the suggested domains, or try another domain.

When domain is available, you will see a notification. Please read the notification as point 2 is very important and not adhering to the notification can result in the domain suspension.

When agree, make sure to click on “Register the domain” and follow the purchase request.

Learn how to connect your domain to your website.

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