How to buy a domain from Builderall

Buying your domain from Builderall will benefit you because you will not need to change namerservers on other platforms for the domain to work. All of the connecting is done inside of Builderall.

On the main dashboard under Domain and Email Manager, just click on “Buy Domain”.

Please note: You can also purchase domains using the following tools: DNS Manager, Website Builder and Mailingboss.

Add your domain name and click on search to see if your domain name is available.

Important: Please make sure to read the information highlighted in yellow as it is important to connect your website directly after purchase for the propagation to occur.

Choose from the available list by clicking on the domain name of choice. You can choose to add privacy protection ( An extra service for hiding personal information from domain owners in the public Whois database), and increase the length of the purchase by using the drop-down, then click continue.

Note: Some domain names are not compatible with the privacy protection service, so the option is not displayed for them.

You will see your default registration data, but you can also add a new profile or click on edit to modify the existing registration data. When complete click on continue.

If you are adding or editing an existing profile, you will need to add all information for the form to be saved.

You will then be required to make payment after verifying that your chosen domain is correct, by clicking on continue. You will then successfully have made a purchase and is ready to connect your domain to your website.

A new pop-up will appear on your screen indicating that the payment for your new domain is being processed and that it will soon be automatically connected to the “DNS Manager” tool.

Select the “continue” button to confirm that you have read the pop-up message and wait for your new domain to be connected to the DNS Manager.

Important Information

Every subscription to Builderall have a set amount of domains available that can be connected. Make sure that you do have available domains to connect it successfully, otherwise, you will need to disconnect a domain to create space for the new domain.

Change of NS (Nameservers)

To make changes to the NS of domains acquired by Builderall, simply contact technical support and request the exchange of the desired values. The same process is valid for migraitioin requests from an external domain to Builderall.

Financial Questions

To request proof of payment for the registered domain, questions about the invoices or resolve problems when purchasing the domain, please contact our Financial Support.

Tutorial: How to connect my domain to my Builderall Website.

Thank you for following this tour with me! If you have any questions or problems using the tool, our technical support team is always available to help you! 

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