How to create an email sequence

Email Sequence is a series of emails that are sent out automatically on a schedule depending upon the actions of the customer/subscriber. Email Sequences are known by different names such as drip emails, lifecycle emails, email marketing automation, and autoresponders.

  1. In Mailingboss on the left hand menu, choose Emails, then Email Sequence.

  1. Click on “Create Sequence”.

  1. Give your sequence a name.
  2. Choose the type: Sequence.
  3. Choose your list.
  4. Click on “Save”.

  1. In the drop-down, choose “Update”.

You will see the first sequence you have created but still need to add the content to the email.

  1. On the drop-down choose “Update”.

  1. You can change the email name here by clicking on the edit pencil.
  2. Click on “Save” when done making any changes.

  1. Choose your verified email. Make sure it is verified to ensure delivery.
  2. Ad your reply email. Can be any email address.
  3. Add subject line.
  4. Preheader is compulsory but looks great and will increase opening emails.
  5. Add your personalization by using the Macros.
  6. Add email content.
  7. Click on “Save”.

  1. Choose the event, time value and unit.
  2. Choose the time and date for email to be sent.
  3. Choose if you want to send to existing subscribers on your list.
  4. Choose Save or Save and Activate. In this example, we will just click save to activate later.

  1. You can add multiple emails here that forms part of the email sequence.

Note: You will do exactly what you did in the previous steps to create the email.

  1. This email shows “Activate” meaning that it will not be sent until you click “Activate”.
  2. This email shows: “Pause” meaning that it is already sending. If you click on “Pause” it will stop the email from being sent.

Congratulations! You can now create an email sequence.

Jacky De Klerk | Success Coach