How to create a Campaign

A campaign is a single email that is NOT connected toa list or sequence that you can use to add to a workflow to send based on certain actions such as opening a different email, clicking a link in a different email, receiving a specific tag, opening a webpage, clicking a button on a webpage, and much more.

Open Mailingboss and scroll to Emails.

  1. Under emails, click on “Email Sequence”.

  1. Click on “Create Sequence”.

  1. Click on the dropdown and choose “Campaign”.
  2. Click “Save”.

  1. Click on dropdown.

  1. Choose “Update”.

Here you can see the campaign is created.

  1. Click on the dropdown and choose “Update”.

  1. Change the email name to something that you will be able to identify when you are going to use it in the workflow at a later stage.
  2. Make sure to choose a verified email.
  3. Add the reply email.
  4. Add your subject line. The preheader is optional.
  5. You can also upload or change the template here.
  6. To ensure your lead is personalized, use the Macros to copy and paste.
  7. Edit your email with the editor elements.
  8. Click “Save”.

  1. Click on “Save” if you do not want to activate it yet or “Save and Activate” if the email is ready to be attached in workflow.
  2. Note that campaigns are not attached to a list and you do not need to change the time value here as you will have the option to set all of this inside the Workflow.

  1. You can add multiple emails to the Campaign Sequence.
  2. In this example you can see we have one that is activated showing (Sending) and one that is a draft. To activate the draft, just click on the button “Activate”.

Congratulations! You have successfully created a campaign that you can now use inside your Workflows.

Jacky De Klerk – Success Coach