How to Import a List

Importing leads or subscribers consists of bringing contacts captured on different external platforms to Builderall’s email manager, MailingBoss 5.0; when bringing your external contacts, you will need to make an import request, but why is it necessary to request approval for an import?

We must maintain control of our server and preserving the delivery of your email to your customer. 

Is there a minimum and maximum amount of leads that can be imported? 

The import file must have at least 10 contacts and there is no maximum value for importing contacts.  High volume contact lists may have additional requirements or fees.. 

Do imported contacts enter the list with a confirmed rating? 

Yes, imported contacts are listed as “confirmed”, so there is no need to send or resend confirmation emails to leads.

What type of file do my leads need to be in to send to MailingBoss 5.0? 

Leads will be imported into MailingBoss 5.0 correctly if the file is in CSV format with all the correct settings. 

How long does the import approval response take? 

Lists with less than 5,000 contacts are automatically approved by the system after sending the import request; lists that exceed 5,000 indicated contacts are taken to a queue for analysis by our team, and left with the status of “pending” in MailingBoss, the analysis can take up to 48 business hours and after changing the status to “approved”, the contacts are automatically imported.