How to set up recurring offer with promotional value

In this tutorial we will set up an offer with a promotional value for the first month, and in the following months the monthly fee will be the full amount.

  1. In Cheetah, left menu, go to Supercheckout feature;

2. Will opne the Supercheckout Dashboard. Click on “Products”;

Click here to watch how you can create a product in Supercheckout.

3. This is an important step in this configuration. After configuring the Gateway, you must select “recurring payment” in Payment Type;

4. After going through all the product creation steps, go to the “Offers” option;

5. This page will open. Click on “Create an offer”;

6. You need to configure your offer now. Fill the fields on this page;

In this field you will put the name of your offer;

Here you will select the main product for your offer;

In this field you can select the default thank you page, or you can select pages that you have built;

Put a description for your offer. Think of something attractive to the customer;

7. Note that after selecting the main product for your offer, this configuration option will appear;

8. Since it is a promotional price offer for the first month, in this example, we will not set up the “Pricing” section. However, you can set up this section depending on your Marketing strategy. Let’s move through “Custom subscription”;

9. You will see this page;

Here you will have to select the subscription plan for the offer;

Check this box. You will appear with the options to select the number of months and the value of the offer. In the example, I will use only 1 month and the value of $1.99;

Once you have made these settings, your offer information will appear directly below;

10. Click on “Update and Finalized”;

11. Your offer will be shown like this;

12. Your offer with a promotional month has been set up. The links, both for the main product and for the offer, can be placed on your page where you will advertise the sale of the product. Remember to highlight this offer, because it is through it that you will attract many customers.