What is an Automated Sunset Policy

A “sunset policy” describes specified criteria when an email marketer concludes that a subscriber is inactive and takes action to suppress the email from commercial emails in the future. 

Builderall’s sunset policy is an automated strategy used in MailingBoss to assist members in managing email lists effectively. The policy involves suppressing inactive subscribers from an email list after a certain period of inactivity. Here’s how it typically works:

Defining Inactivity: The first step is to define what constitutes inactivity. A subscriber is suppressed if they do not open or click a link in an email over a specified period of time or after being sent a specific number of emails.  Builderall’s automated policy suppresses subscribers due to:  no engagement for 6 months or no engagement within the last 12 sent email campaigns

Suppressing Inactive Users: Subscribers who still do not engage after the re-engagement attempts are then suppressed from the list. This means that they will not receive future emails unless you choose to bypass the automated sunset policy settings.  This is done to ensure that the email list remains high-quality and focused on engaged subscribers.

Benefits of the Policy: The sunset policy helps in maintaining a clean email list, improving email deliverability rates, and ensuring compliance with anti-spam laws. It also provides more accurate metrics for email campaign effectiveness, as the focus is on engaged subscribers.

Periodic Review and Adjustment: It is critical that you periodically review your subscriber lists and the list of suppressed subscribers.  During that review, you can choose to move your suppressed subscribers to a different “suppression list” or delete the suppressed subscribers from your account.

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